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Directories & Guides:
VIP PowerNet has established a network of online directories that attract thousands of targeted visitors everyday and offers companies the opportunity to advertise their products to this targeted consumer base.

The web directories enable users to get information on companies offering services under specific product or service categories.

These online directories and shopping websites attract a significant share of internet traffic and everyday several thousands of internet users come to these websites to search, compare and get information on different products or services.

Our online directories come under different interest categories such as internet products, consumer interests and also include shopping websites that have been developed in association with online retailers.

Apart from the online directories, there are online forums associated with the directories. Users on these forums can post messages, read replies and thus create discussions within the community on topics pertaining to specific website category.

Since the web directories attract highly targeted traffics, these are strong platforms for companies to advertise their products related to the specific directory subjects. The advertising is via banner ads in prominent locations on the web directories and forums which ensures visibility that in turn translates to high click-through ratios.

Internet products and services directories

Isp Guide - http://www.theispguide.com

ISP Directory - http://www.theispdirectory.com

Broadband Internet Providers - http://www.thebroadbandguide.com

Wireless Providers - http://www.thewirelessguide.com

Script Directory - http://www.thescriptdirectory.com

Web Hosting Provider - http://www.thehostingguide.com

Domain Name Registration - http://www.thedomainguide.com


Consumer Interest Directories

Insurance Information - http://www.the-insurance-guide.com

Insurance Stuff - http://www.theinsurancestuff.com

Travel Planning - http://www.thetravelstuff.com

Cheap Flights - http://www.the-cheap-flight-guide.com

Cheap Flight Tickets - http://www.the-cheap-flight.com

College Directory - http://www.the-college-guide.com

Lawyer Search - http://www.the-lawyer-guide.com

Lawyer Place - http://www.thelawyerplace.com

Web Directory - http://www.thesearchindex.com

Weight Loss - http://www.theweightlossindex.com

Phone Cards - http://www.thephonecardguide.com

Loan Resources - http://www.theloanindex.com

Mortgage Guide - http://www.the-mortage-guide.com

Credit Cards - http://www.thecreditcardindex.com


Online Shopping Directories

Shopping - http://www.theshoppingindex.com

Bargain Directory - http://www.thebargaindirectory.com


Business services Directories

Affiliate Resources - http://www.theaffiliateindex.com

Affiliate Directory - http://www.theaffiliteplace.com

Outsource Resources - http://www.theoutsourceguide.com

Data Recovery - http://www.thedatarecoveryguide.com



ISP Discussion Forum - http://forum.theispguide.com

ISP Directory Forum - http://forum.theispdirectory.com

Broadband Discussion Forum - http://forum.thebroadbandguide.com

Web Hosting Forum - http://forum.thehostingguide.com

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