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Software Development:

VIP PowerNet provides full cycle of software development services - from marketing and business analysis to integration and ongoing support services. Do not spend time preparing pages of technical documentation for offshore company and spend days waiting for response. Our specialists work closely with customer to help identify technical specifications and new product design. Get response within hours or just call us! We provide services for all mission-critical system components:

New products development
Custom software development
Project recovery
Quality assurance

Application maintenance and support We take in projects that no one could finish and accumulated a successful and proven track record. New products development Working closely with our customers we help to define technical specifications, avoid mistakes that can be extremely costly, choose platform and programming languages. Our goal is to deliver reliable project on time. Custom software development Saying from experience, we are able complete any type of custom software development. From voice recognition system to database driven applications or graphic design we create best software in cross platform environment such as UNIX, Novell, AS/400, or Windows operating systems. We bring only best solutions. Re-engineering Improve software without spending money on new development. Redesigning is one of our specialties we do the best. Having experience with legacy systems we know all possible bottlenecks and problems. We will optimize existing software and make sure it gains in flexibility and speed. Project recovery In case you strangled for resources to complete a project, or some offshore company failed to satisfy your needs we here for you! We take projects at any development sages and complete them on time and within set budget. Quality assurance None of our software lives the doors without being properly checked. That should apply to any software development project. Unfortunately not everyone knows proper techniques, have qualified personnel and robust bug tracking systems in place. Providing all required tools to assure that product is functional, is our goal. Application maintenance and support Once software is release we want to make sure that developers are there to help resolve any issues and support the product. We are here to stay, and provide upgrades and new features enchantments. Do not risk with offshore development companies you won't be able to find after they got the money. Rely on US based company, which would be here to address any needs 24/7. Database Migration In constantly changing environment and growing business needs many companies realize that they out grow their software solutions. This is a time for migration to more robust and scalable database solutions: MS SQL Server and MySQL Server is our specialty. During years of development we accumulated knowledge's, which would help you to migrate or redesign database backend. Most of the applications designed by people with lack of experience are not scalable because of bad database design. Do not spend money trashing old systems and buying ether of the shelf solutions or creating new applications. We will redesign database schema and migrate legacy data to the most suitable solution. Ether it would be different database or the same, we confident that software will run faster and will be scalable to accommodate growing business needs.

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